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The Cherry Record Collection of Josephine Reid’s Papers and Books Relating to Graham Greene

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Series 14 Material from the collection's printed books

Print and MS material formerly inserted in printed books. Arranged in alphabetical order by book in which they were formerly housed (collected and inserted by JR). Books are in the same (alphabetical by title) order as listed in Nicholas Dennys' catalogue. About half the books (from all print sections of the catalogue) had insertions. Most were 'filed' inside the covers, in several cases forming enough of a wedge to affect the joints. Individual exceptions to this practice are noted. Many of the press cuttings long postdate the books' publication and/or acquisition by or presentation to Josephine, indicating her continuing interest in their adaptation and reception histories. The secretarial instinct for collecting information about Greene's published works is clear from the use of the books as a kind of filing system and the frequent annotations of cuttings with source papers and dates, though her usual precision is sometimes belied by hasty cutting or tearing out of newspaper articles and imprecise folding. Annotations, mostly of newspaper publication dates, are in Josephine Reid's hand except where otherwise noted. The printed books in the collection are listed on Oxford's SOLO catalogue. They are listed in this collection as series GGJR15 and are cross-referenced to the inserted items. Extent: 260 items in 67 files. 3 folders.

GGJR14/01  Items removed from A BURNT OUT CASE. Heinemann, London, 1961. 16 inserted items.  [printed book ref GGJR15/02]

  • GGJR14/01/01 Jan/Feb issue of The Bookman magazine 1961: a pencil drawing of Greene on the cover and a review of this book by Maurice Richardson (pp.8-9). 
  • GGJR14/01/02 TS quotation of John Donne, ‘All mankind is of one author…’ Perhaps considered as an epigram for Burnt-out Case; not used. 1l.  
  • GGJR14/01/03 TS quotations from John Donne, Sir Thomas Browne, Hamlet, Horace’s Satires, Ernle Bradford’s The Companion Guide to the Greek Islands, Benjamin Constant, Shelley. Perhaps considered as epigrams for Burnt-out Case; not used. 2s.  
  • GGJR14/01/04 Newspaper cutting: Review of A Burnt-out Case by Raymond Mortimer. The Sunday Times 15 January 1961.
  • GGJR14/01/05 Newspaper cutting: Review of A Burnt-Out Case by Ian Gregor. Annotated 'Manchester Guardian. ND'. 
  • GGJR14/01/06 Newspaper cutting: note forthcoming film production of A Burnt-Out Case with quotes from executive producer Michael Wilson.  Annotated '19/2/92, The Times'. 
  • GGJR14/01/07 Newspaper cutting. Review of A Burnt-Out Case. Unsigned. TLS  Friday 29 January 1961.
  • GGJR14/01/08 Newspaper cutting. Review of A Burnt-Out Case by Philip Toynbee. Annotated 'The Observer 15.1.61'.
  • GGJR14/01/09-10 Newspaper cutting. Review of A Burnt-Out Case, ‘The Greeneland Aboriginal’. Unsigned. New Statesman 13 January 1961. With pencil drawing of Greene. Very damaged; parts missing. 
  • GGJR14/01/11 Newspaper cutting. New Year Honours List. Daily Telegraph January 1966. ‘Henry Graham Greene, Writer’ is listed as recipient of the Companion of Honour (CH). With photo of Greene.  
  • GGJR14/01/12  Newspaper cutting. Review of A Burnt-Out Case, ‘Harking back to ‘The Power and the Glory – The Tragedy of Success’ by Michael de la Bedoyere. Annotated ‘Catholic Herald.’ [1961]
  • GGJR14/01/13 Newspaper cutting. Notice of Sotheby’s sale of Greene MSS from the family and from Miss Dorothy Glover, bought by NY dealer ‘El Dieff’ for £12,700. No indication of source. ND.
  • GGJR14/01/14  Newspaper cutting. Notice of ‘The Month’s Best-Sellers’. In first place is A Burnt-Out Case. Annotated '29.1.61.’ No indication of source.
  • GGJR14/01/15  Newspaper cutting. Notice of Sotheby’s sale of Greene MSS from the family and from Miss Dorothy Glover, bought by NY dealer for £14,550. No indication of source. Annotated ‘May 12 1964’.  
  • GGJR14/01/16 Newspaper cutting. Review of Journey of a Soul: Diary of Pope John XXIII trans. Dorothy White, ‘Eighty years on the barrack square’ by Graham Greene. Sunday Times 7 March 1965. 

GGJR14/02   Items removed from THE CAPTAIN AND THE ENEMY. Reinhardt, London, 1988. 4 inserted items. [printed book ref GGJR15/03]

  • GGJR14/02/01 Printed catalogue, Reinhardt Books, 1988. Publication notice for The Captain and the Enemy. Pp.ii-3. With photo of Greene.  
  • GGJR14/02/02  Newspaper cutting. Letter to the editor ‘Fictional twinning’ by Christopher Hawtree, pointing out reference, re ‘twinning’ of Berkhamsted and Panama City, to plot of The Captain and the Enemy in an interview. Annotated ‘Sept or Oct 1988’. No indication of source.  
  • GGJR14/02/03 Newspaper cutting. ‘At large’ column, ‘Self-doubts for Greene’. Unsigned. Pre-publication notice of The Captain and the Enemy . with quotes from Max Reinhardt and Graham Greene. Sunday Telegraph 21 February 1988. 
  • GGJR14/02/04 Newspaper cutting. ‘The just republic that gives a man a home’ by Euan Cameron, interview with Graham Greene about The Captain and the Enemy. With photo of Greene. Independent, Saturday 10 September 1988.

GGJR14/03  Items removed from CARVING A STATUE. A Play. Bodley Head, 1964. 1 inserted item. [printed book ref GGJR/15/04]

  • GGJR14/03/01 Printed programme for the Theatre Royal production of Carving a Statue, starring Ralph Richardson, Roland Culver, Denis Waterman, Jane Birkin, et al. September 1964. Folded across middle.   

GGJR14/04 Items removed from COLLECTED EDITION 1 - Brighton Rock. 2 inserted items.  [printed book ref GGJR/15/05]

  • GGJR14/04/01 Newspaper cutting. Photo of Greene, seated, legs crossed, MS/script on his knee, looking over glasses. No indication of source. ND ?2000s
  • GGJR14/04/02 Newspaper cutting. ‘The Books Group’ feature on Brighton Rock. Alyson Rudd and several readers’ comments. The Times Saturday 18 March 2006.

GGJR14/05 Items removed from COLLECTED EDITION 5 - The Power And The Glory. 2 inserted items [printed book ref GGJR/15/09]

  • GGJR14/05/01 Newspaper cutting. ‘Pope dispenses power and glory to rebel priest’ by Philip Davison, Mexico City. Re beatification of Mexican priest Fr Miguel Agustin Pro, inspiration for The Power and the Glory , and the current status of the Roman Catholic Church in Mexican politics. Annotated ‘The Times 26.9.88’
  • GGJR14/05/02 APC to Josephine Reid from Amanda Saunders, 20.9.94. ‘Dearest Josephine, THE POWER & THE GLORY. Graham’s answer was: “Carol Fellows was accidentally shot by the American gangster when making his escape from the police.” Love Amanda.’ PC shows ‘At Lords’ styles: costumes of Britain in the Mid-XXth Century’ drawn by Feliks Topolski.

GGJR14/06 Items removed from COLLECTED EDITION 7 - The Confidential Agent. 1 item. [printed book ref GGJR/15/11]

  • GGJR14/06/01 Newspaper cutting. ‘Bacall well cast’ by Graham Greene. Note from Antibes, contradicting Philip Purser’s ‘cool notices’ of Lauren Bacall in The Confidential Agent

GGJR14/07 Items removed from COLLECTED EDITION 11- The Quiet American . 8 items. [printed book ref GGJR/15/15]

  • GGJR14/07/01 Newspaper cutting. ‘Indo-China rebels’, letter to the editor from Graham Greene re facts of expulsion of Trevor Wilson, British Consul General in Hanoi, during war, and mentioning his own involvement. No indication of source. Annotated ’13.1.84’ cf. GGJR14/07/07.
  • GGJR14/07/02 Newspaper cutting. ‘Obituary, General Christian de Castries.’ Unsigned. Annotated ‘The Times 1.9.91’
  • GGJR14/07/03 Newspaper cutting. ‘The return of the quiet American’ by Graham Lord, on a present-day return to Graham Greene’s Saigon. No indication of source. ?2000s
  • GGJR14/07/04 Photocopy of magazine article. ‘Foreign territory’ by Stephen Applebaum, interviewing Michael Caine re forthcoming film of The Quiet American. What’s On, 27 November 2002. 2pp.
  • GGJR14/07/05 Newspaper cutting. Advertisement for film of The Quiet American starring Michael Caine and Brendan Fraser. Annotated ‘The Times 12/12/2002’.
  • GGJR14/07/06 Newspaper cutting. ‘A weed among the flowers’ by Graham Greene. Account of his trip to China in 1957 with Lord Chorley and Mrs Smith. The Times Monday 27 May 1985. Illustrations by Paul Leith.
  • GGJR14/07/07 Newspaper cutting. ‘Indo-China rebels’ Letter to the editor from Graham Greene, CH, re facts of expulsion of Trevor Wilson, British Consul General in Hanoi, during war, and mentioning his own involvement. No indication of source. Annotated ‘9/1/84’. cf GGJR14/07/01.
  • GGJR14/07/08 TS draft of a letter to the editor. Paris 17. June 30 [no year]. Re celebrating July 4th in the UK to commemorate Washington’s surrender to the French at Fort Necessity in 1754. Annotated ‘Letter to Times.’ 

GGJR14/08 Items removed from COLLECTED EDITION 13 - The End Of The Affair. 1 inserted item [printed book ref GGJR/15/17]

  • GGJR14/08/01 Newspaper cutting. ‘On the Shelf’ by Anthony Quinn, review of The End Of The Affair. Annotated ‘The Sunday Times 8 August 1993.’ And on verso ‘Rec’d 10/8/93 from Alvan’.  

GGJR14/09 Items removed from COLLECTED EDITION 16 - The Third Man & Loser Takes All. 1 inserted item [printed book ref GGJR/15/20]

  • GGJR14/09/01 Newspaper cutting. Notice re connection of 13th Duke of St Albans with Graham Greene, with details of a visit to Vienna’s sewers that Greene later used in The Third Man. Unsigned. No indication of source. Annotated ’27.11.88’   

GGJR14/10 Items removed from THE COMPLAISANT LOVER. Heinemann, London, 1959. 1 inserted item [printed book ref GGJR/15/28]

  • GGJR14/10/01 Globe Theatre programme for The Complaisant Lover, London production with Ralph Richardson, Paul Scofield and Phyllis Calvert. 6pp. 1959.

GGJR14/11 Items removed from DOCTOR FISCHER OF GENEVA, or The Bomb Party. Bodley Head, 1980. 5 inserted items [printed book ref GGJR/15/29]

  • GGJR14/11/01 TLS from Euan Cameron, editor at the Bodley Head, to Josephine Reid. Bodley Head, 9 Bow St, Covent Garden, London. 15 April 1980.  Listing recent favourable reviews of Doctor Fischer of Geneva and mentioning family matters.  
  • GGJR14/11/02 Newspaper cutting. ‘Life before Death’ by Michael Ratcliffe, review of Doctor Fischer of Geneva. Annotated ‘The Times 27/3/80’.
  • GGJR14/11/03 Newspaper cutting: ‘Jolly good Greene-feast?’ by Bernard Levin, review of Doctor Fischer of Geneva. Annotated ‘S Times 30/3/80.’
  • GGJR14/11/04 Photocopy of newspaper cutting. ‘Making it hot for the rich’ by TJ Binyon, review of Doctor Fischer of Geneva . Times Literary Supplement 28 March 1980.
  • GGJR14/11/05 Newspaper cutting. ‘Gold as Greene’ by Auberon Waugh, review of Doctor Fischer of Geneva. ND.

GGJR14/12 Items removed from THE END OF THE AFFAIR. Heinemann, London, 1951. 2 inserted items [printed book ref GGJR/15/30]

  • GGJR14/12/01 Photocopy of article ‘Rare poems reveal passion of Greene’s affair’ by Will Bennett, re sale of very rare copy of Greene’s collection of poems After Two Years (about his affair with Catherine Walston, as is The End of the Affair.) Annotated ‘The Times 22/1/2000') 
  • GGJR14/12/02 Newspaper cutting. Photo of Greene, seated in a chair with potted flowering shurbs. No caption. No indication of source. Monday 9 December 1996.

GGJR14/13 Items removed from THE END OF THE AFFAIR. Heinemann, London, 1951. 1 inserted item [printed book ref GGJR/15/31]

  • GGJR14/13/01 Colour print of newspaper cutting. Article ‘Secret poems on Greene’s true love’ by Chris Hastings, re appearance of previously unseen (MS?) love poems between Graham Greene and Catherine Walston. Sunday Telegraph  30 November 2008. 1l. Incomplete.

GGJR14/14 Items removed from GETTING TO KNOW THE GENERAL. The Story of an Involvement. Bodley Head, London, 1984. 5 inserted items [printed book ref GGJR/15/33]

  • GGJR14/14/01 ALS from Graham Greene  to Josephine Reid. La Résidence des Fleurs, Avenue Pasteur, Antibes. Nov. 27 [no year]. Re spelling of ‘Chiriqui’, reference to Dictabelt tape. [Chiriquí province, Panamá.]  Annotated ‘Rec’d 3/12’ 
  • GGJR14/14/02 TLS from Graham Greene to Josephine Reid. La Résidence des Fleurs, Avenue Pasteur, Antibes. Re progress of Getting to know the General. Signed on behalf of Greene. Annotated by JR ‘in Paris 8-15 Feb’. 28 January 1983. 
  • GGJR14/14/03 TLS from Graham Greene to Josephine Reid. La Résidence des Fleurs, Avenue Pasteur, Antibes. Re clarification of ‘nefarious word’ G2, security police. Signed on behalf of Greene by Elisabeth Dennys. TS addendum, signed by Elisabeth Dennys, re audibility of the above, prob. on Dictabelt.
  • GGJR14/14/04 Newspaper cutting. Article ‘Graham Greene returns to his old haunts’ quoting Greene on Latin American settings for several books, and Roman Catholicism in his personal life, in his novels and in politics. Annotated by JR ‘The Times 17/11/85’ but published 17 December 1985.
  • GGJR14/14/05 Newspaper cutting. Article ‘On the trail of the General’ by Michael Watkins, re setting and political background (Panama and General Omar Torrijos) of Getting to Know the General. The Times, Saturday 18 October 1986.   

GGJR14/15 Items removed from THE HEART OF THE MATTER. Heinemann, London, 1948. 4 inserted items [printed book ref GGJR/15/36]

  • GGJR14/15/01 Items removed from Newspaper cutting. Article ‘A Third Man entertainment on security in Room 51’ by Graham Greene on his wartime experience of working for ‘Government Security’. [?Sunday Times 14 July 1963.]
  • GGJR14/15/02 Newspaper cutting. Letter to the editor from Graham Greene, OM, CH, correcting details of a previously published article about Greene’s time in Sierra Leone. No indication of source. 23 August 1990.  
  • GGJR14/15/03 Newspaper cutting. Article ‘Return to Cuba’ by Graham Greene re his recent visit to the country, comparing with earlier visit. Illustrated with sketches by Feliks Topolski. Sunday Telegraph 22 September 1963, pp.4-5. 
  • GGJR14/15/04 Newspaper cutting. Article ‘Nightmare Republic’ by Graham Greene, re the social and political disaster  ‘Papa Doc’ François Duvalier’s Presidency of Haiti. Sunday Telegraph 29 September 1963, pp.4-5. Illustrated.

GGJR14/16 Items removed from THE HONORARY CONSUL. Bodley Head, London, 1973. 9 inserted items [printed book ref GGJR/15/37]

  • GGJR14/16/01 Newspaper cutting. Article ‘Maradona no: John Paul – but of course’ by Geoffrey Matthews, re pending visit of the Pope to Colombia, mentioning Cardinal Torres, model for character in The Honorary Consul. No indication of source. Annotated ‘4/7/1986.’
  • GGJR14/16/02 Newspaper cutting. Article ‘Integrity in face of the unlovable’ by Joan Goodman, interview with Richard Gere re forthcoming film of The Honorary Consul. The Times, Wednesday 4 January 1984.
  • GGJR14/16/03 Newspaper cutting. Article ‘Argentinians debate how they can live with each other’ by Arrigo Levi on current political situation in Argentina, i.e., dealing with era of military repression. (No specific mention of Greene.) The Times,  Monday 30 June 1980.
  • GGJR14/16/04 Newspaper cutting. ‘Another shade of Greene’ by Gaia Servado, interview with Graham Greene re forthcoming publication of The Human Factor, quoting personal and political views. With photo of Greene holding an umbrella.
  • GGJR14/16/05 Newspaper cutting. Notice ‘A bit limited’ ?by Barry Fantoni, re change of title for film of The Honorary Consul to Beyond the Limit. No indication of source. Annotated by JR ‘29/9/88 3’.
  • GGJR14/16/06 Bookmark: laminated bookmark showing an owl perched on a stump. Description on verso.
  • GGJR14/16/07 APC showing Olympic Airways Boeing 707-320 airplane in flight. On verso, 4 quotations re death (in JR’s hand), ‘GGHC’ at the bottom.
  • GGJR14/16/08 Bookmark. Card bookmark showing details from a Christ Church Oxford manuscript.
  • GGJR14/16/09 Postcard or front of greetings card, showing a painting of blue and white violets tied in a bunch with pink ribbon. Verso blank, previously glued.

GGJR14/17 Items removed from THE HUMAN FACTOR. Bodley Head, London, 1978. 5 inserted items [printed book ref GGJR/15/38]

  • GGJR14/17/01 Newspaper cutting. Letter to the editor ‘What is all this fuss?’ by Graham Greene re Philip French’s review of the film ‘The Human Factor’ and buttons on trouser flies. Annotated by JR ‘The Observer Feb 1980.’
  • GGJR14/17/02 Newspaper cutting. Article ‘Portrait of Greene’ by Paul Theroux. Account of extended interview with Graham Greene, extract from Theroux’s forthcoming Picture Palace. The Times, Saturday 2 September 1978.
  • GGJR14/17/03 Newspaper cutting. ‘Graham Greene – our man in a twilight world of sex and fear’ by David Lewin, interview with Graham Greene re book and forthcoming film ‘The Human Factor’. Annotated by JR ‘Sunday Mirror 27/8/79.’
  • GGJR14/17/04 Newspaper cutting. ‘Traitor in Greeneland’ by Sydney Edwards, interview with Nicol Willamson, re forthcoming film ‘The Human Factor.’  No indication of source [1979]

GGJR14/18 Items removed from J’ACCUSE. The Dark Side of Nice. Bodley Head, 1982. 3 inserted items [printed book ref GGJR/15/41]

  • GGJR14/18/01 Small brown envelope labelled in JR’s hand ‘Negative [final s erased] Antibes 1966.’ Containing 1 mounted colour transparency 60x60mm (NB no negative) showing Graham Greene and Yvonne Cloetta outside Nautilus Restaurant. cf. print GGJR11.07.
  • GGJR14/18/02 Printed sheet torn from ?bookseller’s catalogue advertising ‘Graham Greene His new novel Monsignor Quixote,’ ‘Just published ‘J’accuse The Dark Side of Nice’ and ‘The Human Factor’ with listing of vols 1-22 of the Collected Edition.
  • GGJR14/18/03 Newspaper cutting. ‘Greene light on Nice’, letter to the editor by Graham Greene correcting details of previously published newspaper interview re J’accuse. Annotated by JR ‘8/4’.

GGJR14/19 Items removed from THE LAST WORD and Other Stories. Reinhardt, London, 1990. 1 inserted item [printed book ref GGJR/15/42]

  • GGJR14/19/01 Newspaper cutting. Notice of Graham Greene’s The Last Word  ‘Published Today’ by Reinhardt. No indication of source. [1990]

GGJR14/20 Items removed from A LIFE IN LETTERS. Edited by Richard Greene. Little, Brown © 2007. 2 inserted items [printed book ref GGJR/15/43]

  • GGJR14/20/01 Newspaper cutting. Article ‘How Greene was my staging?’ by Denis Cannan, who wrote the stage adaptation of The Power and the Glory, recalling his correspondence with Greene. The Times, Thursday 24 May 1990. p.18.
  • GGJR14/20/02 Christmas card from Francis & Anne Greene full of approval for the book. ND, Annotated by JR ‘2006’

GGJR14/21Items removed from THE LIVING ROOM. A Play in Two Acts. Heinemann, London, 1953. 1 inserted item [printed book ref GGJR/15/48]

  • GGJR14/21/1 Printed theatre programme. Royalty Theatre Company programme for ‘Graham Greene’s The Living Room’. Annotated by JR ‘1987.’

GGJR14/22 Items removed from LORD ROCHESTER’S MONKEY. Being the Life of John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester. “For Josephine from Graham Greene July 1974” and in Josephine’s hand the note “publication September 12, 1974”. Bodley Head, 1974. 32 inserted items [printed book ref GGJR/15/49]

  • GGJR14/22/01 Notes in JR’s hand re biographical details of Charles de Saint-Denis de Saint Evremont (1616-1703). 1p.
  • GGJR14/22/02 Notes in JR’s hand written on blue sheet from back of chequebook. ‘Em_l *Trebilco (East) Stowers /left with ?tower. They are Actuaries in their 30s. //after Tothill left excavating underground B___’. 1p. 
  • GGJR14/22/03 Notes in JR’s hand on a piece of scrap card re Malet family connections and impressions of portraits. ND
  • GGJR14/22/04 MS family tree in JR's hand: descent from James IV of Scotland and Margaret, daughter of Henry VII of England, tracing Scottish and English succession down to Queen Anne and the Young Pretender. ND.
  • GGJR14/22/05 Newspaper cutting. 'A passionate believer in poetic licence' by Bryan Bevan. With repro of Rochester portrait. ND no indication of source.
  • GGJR14/22/06 Newspaper cutting. '"Something of the Angel yet undefac'd"' by Graham Greene. The Times Saturday Review 31 August 1974. p.8. With repros of both Rochester portraits.
  • GGJR14/22/07 Newspaper cutting. Bodley head advertisement for Lord Rochester's Monkey by Graham Greene. The Times Literary Supplement 20 September 1974.
  • GGJR14/22/08 Newspaper cutting. 'Hedonism in control' by Graham Greene. Review of Lord Rochester's Monkey. TLS 20 September 1974.
  • GGJR14/22/09 Christmas card, showing 'Hansel and Gretel' by Kay Nielsen, from John Hadfield of Rainbird Publishing Group to Josephine Reid. 1974.
  • GGJR14/22/10 Magazine cutting. 'Dishing the dirt' by Frederic Raphael on Graham Greene. Annotated by JR 'S Times 15/5/77'. Illustration by Su Huntley. cf. ND's entry for the 1975 copy of Shades of Greene 'Loosely inserted is a Sunday Times article by Greene on R.K. Narayan, including a very short story by R.K Narayan and article on Greene by Frederick Raphael.'
  • GGJR14/22/11 Newspaper cutting. 'Mary Fairfax' letter to the Editor from Graham Greene correcting Rochester/Malet family detail in recent review. Annotated JR 'The Times 4/8/78'.
  • GGJR14/22/12 Newspaper cutting. 'RK Narayan - an introduction' by Graham Greene. The Times 28 October 1978, p.6. Illustration by Michael Trevithick.
  • GGJR14/22/13 Newspaper cutting. In Memoriam, John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester, d 26 July 1680. No indication of source. 26 July 1980.
  • GGJR14/22/14 Draft of TL from Josephine Reid to Dr [Hugh] Malet. JR's request to see the Rochester portraits at Chargot. Annotated by JR '18 June 1987'. 1p.
  • GGJR14/22/15 ALS from Dr Hugh Malet. The Vyne, Blue Anchor, nr Minehead. 19 June 1987. Arrangements for JR's visit to Chargot, notes on family history. 2s.
  • GGJR14/22/16 Draft of TL from Josephine Reid to Dr [Hugh] Malet. Annotated JR '22/6/87 did not get in touch'. Re arrangements for JR to visit Chargot to see the Rochester portraits; details of family history. 1p.
  • GGJR14/22/17 ALS from Dr Hugh Malet to Josephine Reid. The Vyne, Blue Anchor nr Minehead. 21 July 1987. Details of family history, especially those that would have made a difference to GG when writing Lord Rochester's Monkey. 2s.
  • GGJR14/22/18 ALS from Sir Edward Malet to Josephine Reid. Chargot, Watchet, Somerset. 24 July 1987. Thanks for copy of 'the monkey book' [Lord Rochester's Monkey]; invitation to visit to see the Rochester portrait. 2pp.
  • GGJR14/22/19 TLU from Josephine Reid to Graham Greene. Greenaway Cottage, 1 Hemp Garden, Minehead, Somerset. Monday 10 August 1987. Letter encloses a letter from Dr Hugh Malet (cousin of Sir Edward Malet) in connection with Lord Rochester’s Monkey. Account of JR’s visit to Chargot & discussion of book’s background with Sir Edward.With personal details & family news. 2pp.
  • GGJR14/22/20-21 Photocopy of ALS from Elizabeth Claridge to 'Raleigh' [?Trevelyan]. The Studio, 74 Elm Park Gardens, London. 19 August 1987. Re mutual acquaintance with Malet family, particularly Edward Malet, mentioning family correspondence, and other mutual friends. 2pp.
  • GGJR14/22/22 TLS from Graham Greene to Josephine Reid. Antibes letterhead. 24 August 1987. GG's interest in burial arrangements and 1978-9 discoveries re lead coffin of Lord Rochester.
  • GGJR14/22/23 Copy of TL 'Letter sent Doctor Hugh Malet in answer letter to me from Mr Greene his dated 24 August - mine to Dr Hugh, 4 September'. Annotated JR '1987'. GG's interest in burial arrangements and discoveries re lead coffin of Lord Rochester. 1p.
  • GGJR14/22/24 APC from Hugh Malet to Josephine Reid. The Vyne, Blue Anchor [nr Minehead]. 14 September 1987. Postmark 21 September 1987. Mentioning anecdote related to Lord Rochester.
  • GGJR14/22/25 Newspaper cutting. 'Reunion for 900-year-old family. No byline or indication of source. Re Malet family reunion organised by Dr Hugh Malet. Annotated by JR '5/10/90'.
  • GGJR14/22/26 Newspaper cutting. 'Colonel Sir Edward Malet' obituary. Annotated JR 'WS Free Press 12/10/1990'.
  • GGJR14/22/27 Newspaper cutting. 'Colonel Sir Edward Malet' obituary. The Times. Annotated by JR '17/10/90'.
  • GGJR14/22/28 Newspaper cutting. 'Colonel Sir Edward Malet' obituary. The Daily Telegraph 20 October 1990.
  • GGJR14/22/29 Newspaper cutting. No byline. Account of celebration at Chargot House of the 250th anniversary of the Civil War, arranged and hosted by Dr Hugh Malet. West Somerset Free Press. Annotated JR '13/11/92'. With repro of portrait of Sir Thomas Fairfax.
  • GGJR14/22/30 Newspaper cutting. 'Dirty Monkey' by Peter Lewis. Re John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester, on the occasion of revival of George Etherege's play The Man of Mode with a new play about the same characters, The Libertine by Stephen Jeffreys. Annotated JR 'Sunday Telegraph 4/12/94'.
  • GGJR14/22/31 Newspaper cutting. Books notes, including one re new research by Keith Walker re Rochester's monkey in the portrait; mentions Greene's book. Annotated by JR 'The Times 1/11/2000.'
  • GGJR14/22/32 Red fringed leather bookmark, gold stamped with drawings of kitchen herbs.

GGJR14/23 Items removed from THE LOST CHILDHOOD and Other Essays. Eyre & Spottiswoode, London, 1951. 1 inserted item. [printed book ref GGJR/15/51]

  • GGJR14/23/1 Invoice. Charles Rare Books, Hildenborough, Kent, to Miss J Reid, c/o The Bodley Head, London. 9 February 1968. Invoice for The Lost Childhood 1951 (£1/17/-). Annotated JR 'Paid 13/2'.

GGJR14/24 Items removed from MAY WE BORROW YOUR HUSBAND? and Other Comedies of The Sexual Life. Bodley Head, London, 1967. 6 inserted items. [printed book ref GGJR/15/52]

  • GGJR14/24/1 Magazine article. 'Graham Greene' by VS Naipaul. [Daily Telegraph Magazine 8 March 1968.] Illustrated. pp.28-32. Newsprint in poor condition - some losses.
  • GGJR14/24/2 Newspaper cutting. 'May we borrow your script?' by Quentin Falk. The Guardian. 26 July 1986. With photograph.
  • GGJR14/24/3 Newspaper cutting. Notice re forthcoming TV film of 'May we borrow your husband?'' starring Dirk Bogarde. No indication of source. Annotated JR '1986'.
  • GGJR14/24/4 Newspaper cutting. Review by Peter Davalle of TV film 'May we borrow your husband?' starring Dirk Bogarde. The Times, 22 November 1986, p.43.
  • GGJR14/24/5 Newspaper cutting. 'Greene Thoughts in a Greene Shade' by Walter Allen. Review of May We Borrow Your Husband? and Other Comedies of The Sexual Life. New York Times Book Review April 1987, p.5.
  • GGJR14/24/6 Postcard showing 'Paris - Le Parc Monceau'. Verso blank. Inserted at p.175.

GGJR14/25 Items removed from MORNINGS IN THE DARK. The Graham Greene Film Reader. Edited by David Parkinson. Carcanet, 1993. 2 inserted items. [printed book ref GGJR/15/55]

  • GGJR14/25/1 Photocopy of newspaper cutting. 'Postcard from Turin: The stranger's hand' by Ian Thomson, interview with Mario Soldati, mostly about Greene and their work on the film The Stranger's Hand (La mano dello straniero, 1954), which Soldati directed. The Independent 12 Feb 19[94].
  • GGJR14/25/2 Red leather bookmark: Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. Inserted at p.720.

GGJR14/26 Items removed from MONSIGNOR QUIXOTE. Bodley Head, London, 1982. 5 items. [printed book ref GGJR/15/56]

  • GGJR14/26/1 Envelope only. From Fr Leopoldo Duran, Madrid, to Josephine Reid, Minehead. Postmark Madrid 5 March 1982. 1 stamp.
  • GGJR14/26/2 TLS from Antonia Falk [secretary to Max Reinhardt] to Josephine Reid. ND [?1982]. On Bodley Head compliments slip. Enclosing copy of Monsignor Quixote.
  • GGJR14/26/3 TLS from Graham Greene to Josephine Reid. Antibes, 14 February 1984. Re corrections & revisions to [Getting to Know the General]; uncertain re publication; 'Chuchu' [José de Jesús Martínez] will see it during visit in March; mentions recent volume of poetry [A Quick Look Behind, 1983]. Attached, TS poem 'In memory of Liberia, 1935'. 3pp.
  • GGJR14/26/4 Easter card from Alvan Reid to Josephine Reid. Annotated JR '1991'.
  • GGJR14/26/5 Newspaper cutting. Graham Greene's three best reads of the year: Endo The Samurai, Garnett The Infamous John Friend, Küng Infallible?. ND.

GGJR14/27 Items removed from MONSIGNOR QUIXOTE. Lester & Orpen Dennys, 1982. 7 inserted items. [printed book ref GGJR/15/57]

  • GGJR14/27/1 Newspaper cutting. Advert for publication of Monsignor Quixote by Graham Greene. Bodley Head, London, 1982 [sic]. Annotated by JR 'The Observer 24/10/82'.
  • GGJR14/27/2 Newspaper cutting. Notice of television adaptation of Monsignor Quixote starring Alec Guinness, adapted by Christopher Neame. Annotated JR '14/12/85'.
  • GGJR14/27/3 Magazine cutting. Television listing for Monsignor Quixote starring Alec Guinness. ND, prob. December 1985. In two pieces, sellotaped together.
  • GGJR14/27/4 Magazine cutting. Television listing for Monsignor Quixote starring Alec Guinness. ND, prob. December 1985. Photograph.
  • GGJR14/27/5 Newspaper cutting. 'Advent of a quixotic double-act' by Peter Waymark. Review of television adaptation of Monsignor Quixote starring Alec Guinness, adapted by Christopher Neame. Annotated by JR '14/12/8[5]'.
  • GGJR14/27/6 Newspaper cutting. 'Spirited purity' by Celia Brayfield. Review of television adaptation of Monsignor Quixote starring Alec Guinness, adapted by Christopher Neame. Annotated by JR '17/12/85'.
  • GGJR14/27/7 Magazine cutting. 'First of the Spanish wine' by David Lewin. Review of television adaptation of Monsignor Quixote starring Alec Guinness, adapted by Christopher Neame. TV Times. Annotated by JR '16/12/85 ITV (HTV)'. With photograph.

GGJR14/28 Items removed from OUR MAN IN HAVANA. Heinemann, London, 1958. 4 inserted items. [printed book ref GGJR/15/61] 

  • GGJR14/28/1 TLS from Sidney Gilliat [librettist of opera] to Josephine Reid. Broadwick St, London. 5 July 1963. 1s.
  • GGJR14/28/2 Programme for the opera of Our Man in Havana signed by the composer Malcolm Williamson. 1963.
  • GGJR14/28/3 Newspaper cutting. 'Greene's drams in Havana to go under the auctioneer's hammer' by John Shaw. Marked against auction details of Graham Greene's collection of whisky miniatures (Christie's December 21 1994). Annotated by JR 'Sun Tel 30/10/94'. With photo.
  • GGJR14/28/4 Newspaper cutting. 'BAT the first back in Cuba' by Bill Jamieson. Re BAT (British American Tobacco Company) presence in Cuba; mentions Graham Greene's BAT connection. Annotated JR 'Sunday Tel 26/3/95'. With photo.

GGJR14/29 Items removed from THE PLEASURE-DOME. The Collected Film Criticism 1935-40. Edited by John Russell Taylor. Secker & Warburg, London, 1972. 12 inserted items. [printed book ref GGJR/15/62]

  • GGJR14/29/1 Photocopy of TLU from Graham Greene to Father Phillips. 4 June 1974. [Gene D. Phillips, Graham Greene: Films of His Fiction, 1974.] Outlining 7 points of correction. 1p.
  • GGJR14/29/2 TS copy of Greene’s review for Night and Day of 'Wee Willie Winkie', on the exploitation of the child star Shirley Temple. October 1937. The review resulted in Greene being sued by the film company. 1p.
  • GGJR14/29/3 Newspaper cutting. 'Enlightened words from the deceased master' by Christopher Hawtree. Review of Mornings in the Dark (ed. David Parkinson, 1993). Annotated by JR: 'Please return to Josephine - no hurry'. Marked passage re editorial dedication of the book. Evening Standard, 9 December 1993.
  • GGJR14/29/4 Newspaper cutting. 'Greene on the screen' by Anthony Quinn. Review of Mornings in the Dark (ed. David Parkinson, 1993). Sunday Times 19 December 1993.
  • GGJR14/29/5 Newspaper cutting. 'Graham Greene's buried treasure' by Michael Davie. Review of Night and Day [ed. Christopher Hawtree, Chatto & Windus 1985].
  • GGJR14/29/6 Photocopy of GGJR14/29/4 and another short review of Mornings in the Dark by Michael Dwyer, The Irish Times, 1993.
  • GGJR14/29/7 Photocopy of newspaper cutting. 'Restless eye of an unquiet cosmopolitan' by Ian Thomson. Review of Mornings in the Dark. The European. Photocopied annotation '17 [or 19].12.93'. Original MS annotation 'Did you see these? No nee[d] to return'.
  • GGJR14/29/8 Newspaper cutting. 'Greene bans NFT films' by Robin Stringer. Re Greene's withdrawal of adaptations of Stamboul Train, The Man Within and The Human Factor from the National Film Theatre's 'Greene season', 1984. Annotated JR '7/7/84'.
  • GGJR14/29/9 Newspaper cutting. Obituary of John Sutro (1903-1985). Annotated JR 'Times 21/6/85'. stapled to GGJR14/29/10.
  • GGJR14/29/10 Newspaper cutting. Obituary of John Sutro (1903-1985). Annotated JR '23/6/85 S Tel' [Sunday Telegraph]. Stapled to GGJR14/29/9.
  • GGJR14/29/11 Newspaper cutting. 'The critic and the moppet' by Ian Brodie. Revisiting the Graham Greene - Shirley Temple legal action of 1937, re forthcoming publication of Night and Day. Sunday Telegraph 27 October 1985.
  • GGJR14/29/12 Magazine cutting. 'Look to your larder' by Kathleen Gilkes, re using kitchen ingredients for beauty creams, and 'The Great Carel Fair, by Wendy L Williams, incomplete. No apparent Greene connection. The Lady, 30 December 1976. p.961-2.

GGJR14/30 Items removed from REFLECTIONS. Selected and introduced by Judith Adamson. Reinhardt, London, 1990. 2 inserted items. [printed book ref GGJR/15/67] Near fine in like dj. Dedication note on separate sheet from Graham Greene to Josephine Reid has been left in the printed book.

  • GGJR14/30/1 Newspaper cutting. Letter to the Editor 'Net book agreement' by Graham Greene. Re effect on French booksellers of the Net Book Agreement. Letter dated Antibes, 28 July. Cutting annotated by JR '2/8/89'.
  • GGJR14/30/2 Publisher's promotion sheet for Reflections (Reinhardt).

GGJR14/31 Items removed from THE RETURN OF A J RAFFLES. An Edwardian Comedy. Signed. “To Josephine affectionately”. Bodley Head, London, 1975. 8 inserted items + 1 associated item. [printed book ref GGJR/15/68]

  • GGJR14/31/1 Theatre programme for the performance of The Return of AJ Raffles by Royal Shakespeare Company, 1975.
  • GGJR14/31/2 Newspaper cutting. 'Time and the novelist - Graham Greene interviewed' by Ronald Harwood. Interview with Graham Greene re production of Greene's play The Return of AJ Raffles. The Listener 4 December 1975. pp.747-749.
  • GGJR14/31/3 Newspaper cutting. 'Sweeter shades of Greene' by Sydney Edwards. Interview with Graham Greene re production of Greene's play The Return of AJ Raffles.With photograph by Roy Jones. Evening Standard 28 November 1975.
  • GGJR14/31/4 Newspaper cutting. 'The return of Denholm Elliott - in Graham Greene's Raffles' by Sheridan Morley. Interview with Denholm Elliott re production of Greene's play The Return of AJ Raffles. The Times 27 November 1975.
  • GGJR14/31/5a Photocopy of newspaper cutting. Obituary of Dr Jan Van Loewen. Annotated JR 'Died Sept 8 1987 in Lausanne Daily Telegraph'.
  • GGJR14/31/5b Newspaper cutting. Obituary of Dr Jan Van Loewen. Annotated JR 'Times'. sellotaped to 5a.
  • GGJR14/31/6 Newspaper cutting. 'Chuckles with Raffles' by Milton Shulman. Review of The Return of AJ Raffles. ND [1975]. With photograph.
  • GGJR14/31/7 Newspaper cutting. 'The mental torment that dogs Graham Greene' by Graham Lord. Interview with Graham Greene during rehearsals of The Return of AJ Raffles. Sunday Express 30 November 1975.
  • GGJR14/31/8 Colour poster approx 1.6 ft x 2.6 ft announcing the performance of The Return of AJ Raffles at the Aldwich Theatre, London. (Item stored separately).

GGJR14/32 Items removed from A SENSE OF REALITY. Bodley Head, London, 1963. 1 inserted item. [printed book ref GGJR/15/70] 

  • GGJR14/32/1 Newspaper cutting 'Most translated book'. Comparing translation statistics of modern novelists including Greene with those of the Bible.

GGJR14/33 Items removed from A SORT OF LIFE. “For Josephine who will be glad it is all over from Graham Greene”. Bodley Head, London, 1971. 27 inserted items. [printed book ref GGJR/15/73]

  • GGJR14/33/1 Christmas card from Francis Greene. ND. Annotated by JR 'Greene (Graham's son)'.
  • GGJR14/33/2 ALS from Amanda Saunders to Josephine Reid. Re arrangements for Graham Greene's Memorial Service at Westminster Cathedral. ND, April/May 1991. Printed notice of the service time and date on reverse. Annotated by JR on both sides 'P.T.O'.
  • GGJR14/33/3a and b. Colour Polaroid photograph of Graham Greene's grave site covered in flowers. In green envelope annotated by JR 'Graham's coffin 8 April 1991 R.I.P.'
  • GGJR14/33/4 Newspaper cutting. 'The quiet man of Chipping Camden' by Christine Webb. Re sale of Little Orchard, Greene's house in Chipping Camden in the 1930s. With photographs. The Times Weekend, 16 October 1999. p.16.
  • GGJR14/33/5 Newspaper cutting. 'Beyond the green baize door' by Max Davidson. Examines sites of Graham Greene's early life (Berkhamsted and environs) on the occasion of the first Graham Greene Festival in late September 1998. With photographs. The Sunday Telegraph, 28 September 1998. p.7.
  • GGJR14/33/6 Greeting card from 'Mary +'. Fragment, mentions 'my convent', cats, Christmas and 'Daisy'. ND.
  • GGJR14/33/7 Printed black bordered card: thanks for condolences from the Family of Graham Greene, French translation on verso. With AS note to Josephine Reid from Carol (daughter of Graham Greene).
  • GGJR14/33/8 Newspaper cutting. 'The Lusitania's first voyage, From Our Own Correspondent' from 9 September 1907. Reprint in the 'On This Day' feature, The Times. Annotated JR '9/9/93'.
  • GGJR14/33/9 Photocopy of newspaper cutting. 'All about Greene' no byline. Account of the PEN Writers' day to celebrate a single writer, i.e. Graham Greene. The Tablet 4 April 1992. pp.437-8. Annotated ?Amanda Saunders 'Have you seen this? No need to return'. Marked (prob by JR) lines re Norman Sherry's presentation.
  • GGJR14/33/10 Newspaper cutting. 'Berkhamsted made him' by David Sherratt (Mayor of Berkhamsted) and David Pearce, Headmaster of Berkhamsted School, re Greene's relationship with the town. Annotated by JR 'Sun Tel 16/6/91'.
  • GGJR14/33/11 Newspaper cutting. 'Family affairs' letter to the editor from Graham Greene, correcting details of a recent account of Greene family matters. The Times. Annotated by JR '?18/3/83'.
  • GGJR14/33/12 Newspaper cutting. Announcement of Requiem Mass for Graham Greene. Annotated JR '14/5/91 The Times'.
  • GGJR14/33/13 Newspaper cutting. Obituary of AS [Alexander Stuart] Frere (UK publisher). The Times. Annotated by JR ''6/10/1984'.
  • GGJR14/33/14 Newspaper cutting. Court Circular: notice of Graham Greene's Order of Merit investiture, 20 March. Annotated by JR 'The Times 21/3/1986'. p.14.
  • GGJR14/33/15 Newspaper cutting. University News: notice of Graham Greene's Oxford DLitt. Annotated by JR '1979 end June or July'.
  • GGJR14/33/16 Newspaper cutting. Notice of new memorial plaque to Greene on his Antibes apartment building. Annotated by JR 'Sun Tel 20/12/92'.
  • GGJR14/33/17 Newspaper cutting. Obituary of Sir Peter Quennell (1905-1993). The Times 29 October 1993.
  • GGJR14/33/18 Newspaper cutting. Letters to the Editor re Graham Greene by Patrick Marnham of Paris and Raymond Greene by H Edelman of Bury St Edmunds. Annotated by JR 'The Times Magazine Saturday 22/1/94'.
  • GGJR14/33/19 Newspaper cutting. 'Greene poems reflect doomed affair' by John Shaw. Re sale of a copy of Babbling April, and the history of the poems. Annotated by JR 'The Times 28/11/95'.
  • GGJR14/33/20 Newspaper cutting. 'Greene letters expose the beginning of the affair' by John Shaw and Emma Wilkins. Re sale of letters between Graham Greene and Catherine Walston. With photographs. Annotated by JR '28/6/1994 28/6/94' [sic].
  • GGJR14/33/21 Newspaper cutting. Letter to the Editor protesting threat to Berkhamsted Town Hall from Hugh Greene, Graham Greene, Antony Hopkins, Richard Mabey, Peter Quennell. Annotated by JR '16/10/75'.
  • GGJR14/33/22 Photocopy of 2 newspaper cuttings: death notice and obituary for Vivien Muriel Greene, nee Dayrell-Browning. Annotated by JR '23 August 2003 The Times'. 2pp.
  • GGJR14/33/23 ALS from Anne [Greene] to Josephine Reid. Musbury, 2 August, no year, ?ca 1994/5. Re Mockler and Shelden biographies of Graham Greene and Christopher Hawtree's reviews of both. Annotated by JR 'Francis Greene's wife'.
  • GGJR14/33/24 ALS from Francis Greene to Josephine Reid. Details of Graham Greene's Requiem Mass. Annotated by JR 'rec'd 15/4/91'. 24-26 paper clipped and folded together.
  • GGJR14/33/25 TS of 'First Reading' [for memorial service] of Isaiah 25.6-9. With ALU to Francis Greene asking him to read at service.
  • GGJR14/33/26 Photocopy of music and text of hymn 'Lead kindly light', no. 128 on p.168-9 of hymnal.

GGJR14/34 Items removed from THE TENTH MAN. Bodley Head & Anthony Blond, London, 1985. 2 inserted items. [printed book ref GGJR/15/74]

  • GGJR14/34/1 Newspaper cutting. 'Living made dangerous' by John Carey, review of The Tenth Man. Annotated by JR '10/3/85 Sunday Times'. With photograph.
  • GGJR14/34/2 Newspaper cutting. Notice by Quentin Letts of London world premiere of stage adaptation of The Tenth Man. Daily Telegraph. Annotated by JR 'Nov 1994'.

GGJR14/35 Items removed from THE THIRD MAN AND THE FALLEN IDOL. Inscribed “For Josephine from Graham Greene”. Heinemann, London, 1950. 1 inserted item. [printed book ref GGJR/15/75]

  • GGJR14/35/1 Magazine cutting. 'Origins of the Third Man' by Graham Greene. Telegraph Magazine. Annotated by JR '2/4/94'. pp.30-31.         

GGJR14/36 Items removed from THE THIRD MAN. With an introduction by Andrew Sinclair. Lorrimer, London, 1969. 1 inserted item. [printed book ref GGJR/15/76]

  • GGJR14/36 Newspaper cutting. 'Keeping a grip on Orson' by Nicholas Wapshott. Extract from Wapshott's biography of Carol Reed (Carol Reed - A Biography, 1994), re filming The Third Man and The Fallen Idol. Observer 16 September 1990.

GGJR14/37 Items removed from TRAVELS WITH MY AUNT. Inscribed “For Josephine, in return for much patience from Graham Greene”. Bodley Head, London, 1969. 1 inserted item. [printed book ref GGJR/15/77]

  • GGJR14/37/1 APC from Alvan Seth-Smith [nephew of Josephine Reid] to Josephine Reid, saying “couldn’t resist this pc!!” The picture on the front is entitled Travels with my Ant. Postmark London 14 December 1983. cf. GGJR10/094-95.

GGJR14/38 Items removed from A VISIT TO MORIN. Heinemann, London, 1959. 1 item inserted. [printed book ref GGJR/15/79]

  • GGJR14/38/1 Christmas card from Graham Greene to Josephine Reid inscribed, “Miss Josephine Reid I hope you like chocolates from Graham Greene”. Given during her first year working for him.

GGJR14/39 Items removed from WAYS OF ESCAPE. Inscribed “For Josephine with love from Graham”. Bodley Head, London, 1980. 3 inserted items. [printed book ref GGJR/15/80]

  • GGJR14/39/1 Autograph note by Graham Greene giving the epigram from Flaubert that he had chosen for the book, no doubt for Josephine to type up for publication. 1980.
  • GGJR14/39/2 Newspaper cutting. 'Le Carré interview' Letter to the Editor by Graham Greene, correcting points of fact in recent feature article (6 Sept) about Le Carré 's relationship with Greene. Annotated by JR 'The Times 9th or 10th Sept. 1982'.
  • GGJR14/39/3 Photocopy of GGJR14/39/2.

GGJR14/40  Items removed from WAYS OF ESCAPE. Inscribed “For Josephine with love from Graham”. Leicester & Orpen Dennys, Toronto, 1980. 2 items inserted. [printed book ref GGJR/15/81] 

  • GGJR14/40/1 Magazine cutting. 'The World's Greatest publishers: 10. The Bodley Head' by 'Bookworm'. Satirical 'history' of the Bodley Head press, including mentions of Graham Greene's publications and former position on the board. Private Eye (?1982)
  • GGJR14/40/2 ALS from Louise [Dennys] of Lester & Orpen Dennys Publishing to Josephine Reid. ND. Presenting copy of Ways of Escape.

GGJR14/41 Items removed from WHY THE EPIGRAPH? Nonesuch Press, London, 1989. Ltd ed. 786/950 signed, fine in original glassine dj. [printed book ref GGJR/15/81]

  • GGJR14/41/1 TLU from Elisabeth Dennys to Graham Greene. ND. Re epigraphs, quoting two; Greene has added a third in MS.
  • GGJR14/41/2 Newspaper cutting. Obituary of Max Reinhardt, publisher (1915-2002). The Times. Annotated by JR 'The Times 21/11/2002'.
  • GGJR14/41/3 Photocopy of magazine cutting. Poem by Graham Greene ‘A Letter from the Workhouse’, original publication in Common Weal magazine (USA) 1973. Annotated by JR '28/12/73'.
  • GGJR14/41/4 Photocopy of magazine cutting. Poem by Graham Greene ‘A Letter from the Workhouse’, as published in The Tablet, with his poem “...and the grass”. MS corrections by JR to 'Workhouse'. Annotated by JR 'corrected as Tablet printed wrongly. Tablet 4/1/75. (1) ['Workhouse'] pub. first in Common Weal Dec 1973'.

GGJR14/42 Items removed from YES AND NO. A Play in One Act. Bodley Head, London, 1983. 1 inserted item. [printed book ref GGJR/15/86]

  • GGJR14/42/1 Newspaper cutting. 'Graham Greene's dizzying comedy' by Ned Chaillet. Review of For Whom the Bell Tolls, production at Haymarket Studio, Leicester. With photograph by Donald Cooper. Annotated by JR 'The Times 24/3/80'.

GGJR14/43 Items removed from ADAM, International Review. Issue no 446-448. Ed. by Miron GRINDEA. 2 inserted items.[printed book ref GGJR TBC]

  • GGJR14/43/1 Newspaper cutting. 'How ADAM was created' by Nicholas Bagnall. Re Miron Grindea and history of ADAM literary magazine. Sunday Telegraph 29 January 1989.
  • GGJR14/43/2 Newspaper cutting. Obituary of Miron Grindea (1909-1995). Annotated by JR '20/11/95'.

GGJR14/44 Items removed from ALLAIN, Marie-Francoise. THE OTHER MAN. Conversations with Graham Greene. Bodley Head, 1983. 1 inserted item. [printed book ref GGJR/15/92]

  • GGJR14/44/1 Torn front of envelope. Pencil notes in JR's hand (referring to page numbers): '35 Dover Wilson, 60 Cuba, 78 Haiti, 99 Le Carré' etc.

GGJR14/45 Items removed from FORD, Ford Madox. Edited with an intro by Graham Greene. THE BODLEY HEAD FORD MADOX FORD. Vol. I. Bodley Head, London, 1962-3. 1 inserted item. [printed book ref GGJR 15/95]

  • GGJR14/45/1 Newspaper cutting. 'Sitting happily in a café in heaven' by Allan Massie. Review of Alan Judd's biography Ford Madox Ford. Mentions Greene's obituary of Ford. Sunday Telegraph 3 June 1990. Annotated by JR '1990'.

GGJR14/46 Items removed from GREENE, Graham [ed. & contrib.]. THE OLD SCHOOL. Essays by Divers Hands. Oxford UP, London, 1984. 1 inserted item. [printed book ref GGJR 15/100]

  • GGJR14/46/1 Newspaper cutting. Obituary of Basil Garnons Williams (1906-1992 - former headmaster of Berkhamsted School). With photograph of portrait. Mentions Graham Greene's official biography. Annotated by JR '11/4/92'.

GGJR14/47 Items removed from GREENE, Graham; Muriel SPARK; Roderick STRANGE; Louise DENNYS. TRIBUTES TO GRAHAM GREENE. Memorial Requiem Mass for Graham Greene, O.M., C.H. 1904-1991. Order of Service. Westminster Cathedral, London, Thursday, 6th June, 1991. Reinhardt Books. London, 1992. 3 inserted items. [printed book ref GGJR 15/102]

  • GGJR14/47/1 Newspaper cutting. Entry from The Times Memorial Services page listing over a hundred of those present in a well attended service. Annotated by JR 'The Times 6/6/91'.
  • GGJR14/47/2 Photocopy (slightly enlarged) of GGJR14/47/1
  • GGJR14/47/3 Magazine cutting. Comic excerpt from The Oldie, whose editor Richard Ingrams, founder of Private Eye, was present at the service. It urges its aging readers to take advantage of the memorial services they increasingly had to attend, by snapping up as many of the service programmes as they could afterwards, as this one had been found offered at a high price in a secondhand bookshop. Annotated by JR 'The OLDIE Magazine 20 March 1992'. Stapled to a piece of card.

GGJR14/48 Items removed from GREENE, Graham; Dorothy GLOVER; John CARTER. VICTORIAN DETECTIVE FICTION. A Catalogue of the Collection made by Dorothy Glover & Graham Greene. Bibliographically Arranged by Eric Osborne. Intro by John Carter with a Preface by Graham Greene.
Bodley Head, London, 1966. 1 inserted item. [printed book ref GGJR 103] 

  • GGJR14/48/1 Newspaper cutting. Profile of Graham Greene by Auberon Waugh. With drawing by Papas of The Guardian. Daily Mirror 22 May 1968. p.18.

GGJR14/49 Items removed from READ, Herbert with an intro by Graham Greene. THE GREEN CHILD. Eyre & Spottiswoode, London, 1947.  2 inserted items. [printed book ref GGJR 15/109]

  • GGJR14/49/1 Newspaper cutting. Obituary of Margaret, Lady Read (wife of Herbert Read, 1905-1996). Annotated by JR 'Daily Tel March 12 1995/ Ludo'. With photograph.
  • GGJR14/49/2 Newspaper cutting. Obituary of Margaret, Lady Read (wife of Herbert Read, 1905-1996). The Times, 15 March 1996. Annotated by JR 'Please return to Josephine. / Ludo'. With photograph.

GGJR14/50 Items removed from GLOUCESTER ROAD BOOKSHOP. CATALOGUES of BOOKS FOR SALE. No17. 1 inserted item. [printed book ref GGJR TBC]

  • GGJR14/50/1 ALS from Nicholas Dennys to Josephine Reid. Browborough, 5 May 2011. Approach for information on behalf of Firdaus Gandavia who is writing an academic work on Graham Greene. Letter inserted opposite items 102ff. 2s.

GGJR14/51 Items removed from DURAN, Leopoldo. GRAHAM GREENE: FRIEND AND BROTHER. Harper Collins, London, 1994. Near fine. 2 inserted items [printed book ref GGJR 15/117]

  • GGJR14/51/1 Newspaper cutting. 'Small sin of a pocket priest' by Nicholas Shakespeare. Review of Graham Greene: Friend and Brother. Annotated by JR 'Daily Telegraph'. 24 September 1994.
  • GGJR14/51/2 Newspaper cutting. Review of Graham Greene: Friend and Brother. No article title or byline. Annotated by JR 'Ireland Cork? The Weekend Examiner June/July ?1995'.

GGJR14/52  Items removed from GRAHAM GREENE DEMASQUE, Finally Exposed. MONTAS, Lucien & Republique d’Haïti, Dept. des Affaires étrangères. Imprimerie Theodore, Port-au-Prince, 1968. 4 inserted items. [printed book ref GGJR 15/119]

  • GGJR14/52/1 TS page of errata for Graham Greene Démasqué with page numbers.
  • GGJR14/52/2 Photocopy of GGJR14/52/1
  • GGJR14/52/3a and b letter & envelope. TLS from René Chalmers, Secrétaire d’Etat des Affaires étrangères, to 'Gladys Reid'. Responding on 3 Jan 1969 to her request for this copy of Démasqué. As she was Greene’s secretary Josephine had applied under her first name, Gladys, to muddy the trail. With official envelope. In French.
  • GGJR14/52/4 Brown paper package formerly enclosing 1-3, addressed on an envelope glued to the front of the package.

GGJR14/53 Items removed from GRAHAM GREENE FESTIVAL BROCHURE 2006. Graham Greene Birthplace Trust. 1 inserted item [printed book ref GGJR TBC]

  • GGJR14/53/1 TLS from Mike Hill, Director of the Graham Greene Festival, to Josephine Reid. Bradford, 25 August 2006. Invitation to attend the festival, enclosing programme. 1l. Annotated by JR: a telephone number, 'Recorded, Rang 29 August 2006, £50 X seat 30 August 2006'.

GGJR14/54 Items removed from GRAHAM GREENE FESTIVAL BROCHURE 2007. Graham Greene Birthplace Trust. 2 inserted items [printed book ref GGJR TBC]

  • GGJR14/54/1 TLS from Mike Hill, Director of the Graham Greene Festival, to Josephine Reid. Bradford, 1 August 2007. Invitation to attend the festival, enclosing programme. 1l.
  • GGJR14/54/2 Postcard for the Graham Greene Birthplace Trust, showing colour cartoon of Graham Greene by Paul Hogarth. Verso blank.

GGJR14/55 Items removed from GREENE, Barbara (intro. by Paul Theroux). TOO LATE TO TURN BACK: Barbara & Graham Greene in Liberia. Settle Bendall, London, 1981. 2 inserted items [printed book ref GGJR 15/126]

  • GGJR14/55/1 Newspaper cutting. Obituary of Barbara, Countess Strachwitz, née Greene. Annotated by JR '12/12/91'.
  • GGJR14/55/2 Magazine cutting. 'Land Benighted' by Richard West. Review of Too Late to Turn Back.The Spectator 3 October 1981, pp.22-23.

GGJR14/56 Items removed from GREENE, Hugh (ed.). THE CROOKED COUNTIES. Further Rivals of Sherlock Holmes. Bodley Head, London, 1973. 2 inserted items. [printed book ref GGJR 15/127]

  • GGJR14/56/1 Newspaper cutting. Photograph of Sir Hugh Greene and Sarah Grahame on their engagement. Annotated by JR '18/11/84'.
  • GGJR14/56/2 Newspaper cutting. 'Literary relief.' Notice re Sir Hugh Greene's forthcoming biography by Michael Tracey. Annotated by JR '1976'.

GGJR14/57  Items removed from HAZZARD, Shirley. GREENE ON CAPRI. A Memoir. Virago, London, 2000. 4 inserted items. [printed book ref GGJR 15/128]

  • GGJR14/57/1 TLS from Amanda Saunders 'To the Editors'. 29 January 2001. Detailing the inaccuracies of Greene on Capri. Signed in TS. 3pp.
  • GGJR14/57/2 APC showing drawing by Rodney Dennys 'Lapwings 1934' from Amanda Saunders to Josephine Reid. 30 January 2001. Enclosing GGJR14/57/1; comments on recent review of Travels Without My Aunt [Travels without My Aunt: In the Footsteps of Graham Greene by Julia Llewellyn Smith, 2001].
  • GGJR14/57/3 Newspaper cutting. 'Hazzard warning' quoting Yvonne Cloetta's recent comments in a letter to the NYRB denouncing Hazzard's assessment of Greene in Greene on Capri. Annotated by JR 'Evening Standard 10.11.2000'.
  • GGJR14/57/4 Photocopy of GGJR14/57/3 . Annotated by JR 'Evening Standard'.

GGJR14/58 Items removed from HOGARTH, Paul. GRAHAM GREENE COUNTRY. Visited and Illustrated by Paul Hogarth. Pavillion, © 1986. 2 inserted items [printed book ref GGJR 15/129]

  • GGJR14/58/1 Photocopy of newspaper cutting. Obituary of Paul Hogarth. Annotated by JR 'The Times 29/12/2001'.
  • GGJR14/58/2 Magazine cutting. 'Graham Greene Country' by Rupert Christiansen. Interview with Paul Hogarth about Graham Greene Country. Illustrated with a number of Hogarth's watercolours from the book. Telegraph Sunday Magazine ND prob Sept 1986. pp.13-16

GGJR14/59 Items removed from NIGHT AND DAY: An anthology of the magazine. Edited by Christopher Hawtree with contributions by Greene, a founding contributor and assistant editor, and others. Chatto & Windus, London, 1985. 3 inserted items [printed book ref GGJR 15/130]

  • GGJR14/59/1 Newspaper cutting. 'A mag of famous writers' by James Fenton. Review of Night and Day. The Times 14 November 1985. Mention of Shirley Temple suit marked.
  • GGJR14/59/2 Photocopy of article '"Night and Day: A Contribution to Literary History' by Richard Pennington. Outlining history of Night and Day magazine in the 1930s. Contemporary Review, ND, pp.267-9. 3pp.
  • GGJR14/59/3 Magazine cutting. 'Amusing unto Death' by David Sexton. Review of Night and Day anthology. The Literary Review, March 1986, pp.17-18. Illustrated, mention of Shirley Temple suit marked. Annotated by JR 'The Literary Review March 1986'.

See also GGJR14/29, items removed from The Pleasure-Dome.

GGJR14/60 Items removed from NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY. ORDER OF MERIT. New Portrait Drawings from the Royal Collection. NPG, London, 1992. 1 inserted item. [printed book ref GGJR TBC]

  • GGJR14/60/1 MS note by Josephine: brief biographical details of Humphrey Ocean who did the portrait of Graham Greene mentioned in the NPG leaflet; ends 'visited 5/9/92'.

GGJR14/61Items removed from PHILLIPS, Gene. GRAHAM GREENE THE FILMS OF HIS FICTION. Teachers College, NY, © 1974. 1 inserted item. [printed book ref GGJR 15/133]

  • GGJR14/61/1 Newspaper cutting. 'Did the eagle really land?' by Christy Campbell, re possible cover-up of wartime invasion of British soil by German troops at Shingle Street, Suffolk, in 1940; 'David Puttnam's enigma variations' by Megan Tresidder re Puttnam's career and the future of the British film industry. Sunday Telegraph 5 April 1992, pp.III-VI.

GGJR14/62 Items removed from SHERRY, Norman. THE LIFE OF GRAHAM GREENE vol I 1904-1939. Cape, London, 1989. 5 inserted items. [printed book ref GGJR 15/136] 

  • GGJR14/62/1 Newspaper cutting. 'A sleuth rewarded'. Notice of Norman Sherry's Edgar Award (Mystery Writers of America Inc.). Annotated by JR '10/5/90'.
  • GGJR14/62/2 Newspaper cutting. 'Is there scope for another biography of Graham Greene...' notice of WJ West's forthcoming biography of Graham Greene (The Quest for Graham Greene, 1997) with mention of other biographies including Sherry's. Annotated by JR 'Sun Times 12/5/96'.
  • GGJR14/62/3 Newspaper cutting. Notice of forthcoming first volume of Sherry's biography. Annotated by JR '22/2/86'.
  • GGJR14/62/4 Magazine cutting. 'Footnotes from God' by Christopher Hawtree. Exploring Greene's private archives and library, about to be sold. The Times Magazine 1 January 1994. pp.2023. Illustrated.
  • GGJR14/62/5 Gold-stamped green leather bookmark (The National Trust, Hanbury Hall, Worcestershire). Inserted at p.12.

GGJR14/63 Items removed from SHERRY, Norman. THE LIFE OF GRAHAM GREENE vol II 1939-1955.
Cape, London, 1994. 8 inserted items. [printed book ref GGJR 15/137]

  • GGJR14/63/1 Photocopy of newspaper cutting. 'Our man in a straitjacket?' by Christopher Hawtree. Review of Graham Greene: Three Lives by Anthony Mockler. Evening Standard 25 July 1994. Original annotated by JR 'Anne - we spoke. J.' With photograph.
  • GGJR14/63/2 Photocopy of magazine cutting. '"Freedom of information"' by Graham Greene. Greene describes his experience applying under the Freedom of Information Act to the United States Government for information held about himself. The Spectator 7 April 1984. p.10. Illustrated.
  • GGJR14/63/3 Newspaper cutting. 'Secret love Greene carried to his grave' by Geordie Greig. Re cotemporal funeral of Lord Walston and memorial service for Graham Greene; emerging details of Greene's affair with Catherine Walston. With photographs. Sunday Times 9 June 1991. pp.1-3.
  • GGJR14/63/4 Newspaper cutting. 'The many lives of Graham Greene' by David Sexton. Reviewing and comparing Shelden, Mockler, Sherry and Duran biographies of Graham Greene. With photograph. Sunday Telegraph 28 August 1994. p.4.
  • GGJR14/63/5 Newspaper cutting. Letters to the Editor by Jocelyn Rickards and Pierre Joannon supporting Yvonne Cloetta's protest against Greene's biographers in a recent article by Julian Evans.
  • GGJR14/63/6 Photocopy of newspaper cutting. Letter to the Editor 'Greene is not a burnt-out case' by John O'Riordan. Annotated by JR 'Observer'. 14 August 1994.
  • GGJR14/63/7 Fragment of card: MS note in Josephine Reid's hand of birth date and parents of Henry, Lord Walston.
  • GGJR14/63/8 MS ?copy in Josephine Reid's hand of 'Mandrake Sunday Telegraph 9/6/91' re Graham Greene's affair with Catherine Walston, details emerging following the death of Lord Walston.

GGJR14/64 Items removed from SHERRY, Norman. THE LIFE OF GRAHAM GREENE vol III 1955-1991. Cape, London, 2004. 5 inserted items. [printed book ref GGJR 15/138]

  • GGJR14/64/1 Newspaper cutting. Notice of Philip Hensher's Spectator review of Sherry's third volume. Annotated by JR '12/10'.
  • GGJR14/64/2 Newspaper cutting. 'Battle of the Greene men' by Graham Lord. Comparing biographers Shelden, Mockler and Sherry, and their biographies of Graham Greene. Daily Telegraph 17 February 1994. p.16. With photographs.
  • GGJR14/64/3 Newspaper cutting. 'Fan in Havana'. The unidentified author discusses Philby - Greene correspondence discovered by WJ West during his research in the Greene material at Boston College. Annotated by JR 'Sun Tel 6/5/96'.
  • GGJR14/64/4 Newspaper cutting. Photograph only. Graham Greene as a small boy, formally dressed, seated on a wooden settle with a doll's house next to him. Caption 'Going up to London: Graham Greene's idea of happiness at the age of seven'. ND, no source.
  • GGJR14/64/5 Newspaper cutting. 'Greene and the fifth man' by Jasper Gerard. Re Greene's involvement with the forthcoming memoir by John Cairncross [The Enigma Spy], and Ronnie Challoner's memoir of Greene [mentions title Unfinished Portrait, not published]. With illustration of new John Pelling portrait of Greene.
  • GGJR14/64/6 Dark green paper bookmark, Hatchards Bookshop, London. Inserted at p.807.

GGJR14/65 Items removed from SOTHEBY’s. THE COLLECTION OF CLINTON IVES SMULLYAN: GRAHAM GREENE. SOTHEBY’S, London, 1996. 3 inserted items. [printed book ref GGJR 139-140]

  • GGJR14/65/1 b/w photographic print: Barbara Greene, Countess Strachwitz, and Raymond Greene. Annotated on verso by JR: 'Raymond Greene's 80th Birthday - with his cousin Barbara Greene, Countess Strachwitz April 1981.'Annotated on verso by Elisabeth Dennys: 'Sorry it's got a crease across it!' cf. GGJR11.03
  • GGJR14/65/2 Printed sheet, Sotheby's London. Auction results for sale of Smullyan Collection of Greene material, 16 December 1996. 2s.
  • GGJR14/65/3 Sotheby's compliments slip. Blank.

GGJR14/66 Items removed from WILSON, R. G. GREENE KING. A Business and Family History. Bodley Head/Cape, London, 1983. 5 inserted items. [printed book ref GGJR 15/142]

  • GGJR14/66/1 Newspaper cutting. 'Greene tribute'. Notice of Greene King & Sons' brewing of special commemorative light ale for Graham Greene's birthday. Annotated by JR 'The Times 11/9/84'.
  • GGJR14/66/2 Newspaper cutting. Photograph only. Caption: 'Best Seller: Graham Greene, 80 next Tuesday, "mashing" a new ale to mark the occasion at his family brewery, Greene, King & Sons...' Annotated by JR 'S Tel 30/8/84'.
  • GGJR14/66/3 Advertising logo for Greene King Fine Ales, cut out on light card.
  • GGJR14/66/4 Newspaper cutting. Obituary for Sir Hugh Greene. The Times. Annotated by JR '21/2/87'.
  • GGJR14/66/5 Newspaper cutting. Notice of memorial service for Sir Hugh Greene. Annotated by JR '6/5/87'.

GGJR14/67 Items removed from Viking Books catalogue July 1990 - January 1991. 3 inserted items. [printed book ref GGJR 15/42a]

  • GGJR14/67/1 ALU on Reinhardt Books compliments slip, enclosing current catalogue. ND [1989].
  • GGJR14/67/2 Printed catalogue of Reinhardt Books/Nonesuch Press: forthcoming publications, 1989, including Greene's Why the Epigraph?.
  • GGJR14/67/3 Newspaper cutting.'Graham Greene's publisher stands alone' by Anthea Hall. Re Max Reinhardt's leaving Bodley Head to launch Reinhardt Books, soon to publish The Captain and the Enemy. With photograph by Dario Mitidieri. Annotated by JR 'Sunday Telegraph 18 October 1987'.


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