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The Cherry Record Collection of Josephine Reid’s Papers and Books Relating to Graham Greene

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Series 1 Correspondence. 14 items. 1992-2005.

GGJR01/01.AS note from Francis [Greene] ‘Dear Josephine, You certainly should have a ?case of them. Love from both of us, Francis.’.ND

GGJR01/02.TLS from Donald Sturrock to Josephine Reid. On BBC Television headed paper. Requests interview, at Yvonne Cloetta’s suggestion, for  three part documentary on the life of Graham Greene. [3 part Arena series]. 2 October 1992.

GGJR01/03.TLU from Josephine Reid to Donald Sturrock. Reply to 2. “I am sorry but I am not prepared to talk to you about Mr Greene or have anything to do with your project - I only wish I could say this to you in a more friendly and polite way. But there it is. I wish you luck.”’. 3 October 1992.

GGJR01/04. ALS from Louise Dennys to Josephine Reid. ‘A short letter accompanying Josephine’s copy of A World of My Own that Louise, Greene’s niece and Canadian publisher, had edited. Also comments on the obscure word indistinctly pronounced by Greene on the dictabelt and affecting the sense of one of the dreams in the book: “This struggle over one word is a measure perhaps of everyone’s determination to give Graham his voice so soon after the loss of it.”' Annotated by JR ‘ack 10/12/92.’.26/11/1992

GGJR01/05. 1 TS side. Josephine Reid to Yvonne Cloetta . ‘For Madame Cloetta from Miss Reid.’  Considering dictionary definitions re the disputed word Arch, pronounced indistinctly on the dictabelt. Begins ‘CROMWELL paragraph 15.7.91.’ ?1991

GGJR01/06. ALS from Yvonne Cloetta to Josephine Reid. Villa Ty-Nevez, Chemin de Cantogril, 06160 Juan-les-pins. 11.02.93. Re the disputed word Arch, an example of the intricacies of editing the work of a writer no longer able to explain a word pronounced indistinctly on the dictabelt before he died. Annotated JR 'replied 16/2/93'. 2pp.

GGJR01/07. AS Christmas card from Yvonne Cloetta to Josephine Reid. 13/12/1994. Re 'all the horrors written on Graham' and their shared reactions and hope for his successful posterity. Annotated JR 'answered 30/1/95'.

GGJR1/08. ALS from Yvonne Cloetta to Josephine Reid. Résidence le Chêne, Chemin du Châno 26, 1802 Corseaux, Switzerland. 16 May 1995. Reminiscence of thier visits;  she describes a letter he wrote to her encouraging her in the face of his coming death, her gratitude at his profound care of her and how she hates the distorting “minus” biographies.’ Annotated JR 'ack 18/6'. 2l.

GGJR01/09. ALS from Yvonne Cloetta to Josephine Reid.  Résidence le Chêne, Chemin du Châno 26, 1802 Corseaux, Switzerland. 18/07/1995. Accompanying photos of Graham’s grave in Corseaux by Lake Geneva, “exactly the place he would have liked to be buried: with a view of the lake and vineyards in the background. ”My secret garden, as I can express to him all what I feel & think.” Annotated JR 'Ack 22/7/95'. 1l.

GGJR01/10. AS New Year card from Yvonne Cloetta to Josephine Reid, reflecting on aging well, and inviting Josephine to Switzerland. Annotated JR 'Christmas 1996.'

GGJR00/11.AS Christmas card from Yvonne Cloetta to Josephine Reid – on the front, photo of swans on Lake Geneva (Lac Leman) 'as you saw them'. Annotated JR '1998'.

GGJR01/12.AS New Year card from Yvonne Cloetta to Josephine Reid. Annotated JR '1999.'

GGJR01/13. APC from Amanda Saunders to Josephine Reid. 13/02/1996. Re Amanda’s work as a photographer.

GGJR01/14. ALS from Amanda Saunders to Josephine Reid. ND [2005]. On verso of photocopy of newspaper obituary (The Daily Telegraph, 12 July 2005) of Jocelyn Rickards, who was Greene’s lover in the fifties, commenting on her death and personal matters. 1p.

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GGJR 10 Letters from Graham Greene to Josephine Reid
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